On being 34 and revisting the bucket list of yesteryear

gather ye rosebuds

I realize I hadn’t been posting much over the course of year, since basically my last post on here was at some point in August after I had just turned 33. Well, I’m 34 and some things have changed while others have stayed the same… so let’s have a recap on the goals of 33, highlighting those which have been achieved, improved, or downright neglected, and add a few more for 34 (I’ll also post a list for 34 specifically)the-bucket-list-734593_1920 (2):

Year 33 Bucket List:

1 Set up some tangible goals that I have to be accountable for (like signing up for a 5k)  I can’t say that I’ve signed up for a 5k, or even attempted to train for one. I honestly don’t have much interest in running for fun, but I did try out socializing runs over the winter, and met at least one cute boy while doing it, so.. there’s something, eh?

2 Learn how to be happy alone, completely alone  I’m going to give myself the green check mark on this. I’ve been single for well over a year now, and had done a bit of dating in this time frame. I met some really cool guys, but realized I wasn’t in a position to become attached or committed to someone else at this time. I can’t say I never hope to find a partner (you’ll notice it is in my ultimate bucket list to do so), but I feel like I’ve come to terms with being a solo entity, and have sorta embraced the freedom it gives me, and the self reliance. 

3 Learn how to be repetitive in order to create a habit (like writing, painting,fitness training, and photography) I’ve improved in this arena. During the winter, my main habit was fitness. I hit the gym for about 2 hours a day, and I was having visible muscle growth, and improved strength. I was also attending class full time at 18 credits. Since summer has been in swing, I’ve been increasing my posting/sharing on a more consistent basis. But, I will say there’s always room for improvement. 

4 take an extended solo journey (and write about it) I’m still working on this long SOLO journey. I take little solo journeys, but I’m aiming still for the big one. 

5 change career title Definitely improved on this, and have been progressing towards work in the creative field. I’ve had unpaid and paid work in photo and video, and I’m hoping to eventually work full time in this career. I’ll keep submitting my applications and work out there!

6 make a decision and stick to it I’m STILL pretty terrible about this. I like to keep my options open. It seems like any time I have one job offer, I get a few others and it stresses me out. I think this could be the result of not finding any of the prospective futures to be a superb match.

7 Be a better friend and family member I’m really working on this. I talk with my parents more often than I ever used to. I try to talk to my sisters more, and be supportive of friends on social media, etc. I’ve tried to make it a part of my free time to send gifts, and letters. I still need improvement in this, but there has been progress. 

8 Embrace my older self, and stop beating myself up over the details. I’ve embrace my body type. This doesn’t mean I don’t strive for fitness or notice that I’ve got more wrinkles than last year (I may have put some tape on my forehead at night to prevent wrinkling between the brows), but I’m not obsessing. I’m not afraid someone will notice my stomach isn’t completely flat, I bought my first bikini since I was 12, and I frankly just give way less f*cks. 

bucket list

  1. Bucket list for life:

    Travel to every Continentmap-1862587_960_720

  • go on a safari wearing Panama Jack style Aviators and khaki shit (I know its Imperialist, but I’m obsessed with classic safari imagery, and screw it, this is my bucket list!)
  • dress culturally in India and ride the train cross country
  • Ride the Trans-Siberian Railroad in winter time
  • hike on some volcanos in Iceland
  • trek/wwoof accross New Zealand and Australia
  • Get Scuba Certified in SouthEast Asia
  • Take a language/TEFL course abroad
  • Work on an archaelogical site in Eastern Europe
  • Visit the homeland in Poland
2) Learn to speak another language fluently

3 Live abroad for at least 6 months

4 Start Making money off of my art forms

5 Be an extra in a film/show

6 Be part of a Film/Production Crew

7 Get a Tattoo of something important

8 Learn how to ride a horse properly, and without fear or hesitation

10 Maintain Flexibility and Strength

11 Become my own boss

12 Hike a Long Distance Trail (like the AT or the PCT)

13 Find a Partner to Share all of these wonderful adventures

14 Be in a theater production

15 Sing/Play an instrument really well

16 Ride Cross Country on a Motorcycle or Bike

17 Have visible Abdominal Muscles

18 Buy some old property and restore it!

19 Be published more often

20 Earn recognition for a lifetime of achievement

21 Maintain close friendships

22 Do a Triathalon

23 Learn to Sail (Or find someone else who can sail, and hitch a ride on the boat)

24 Visit all of the national parks in the US 

25 Write/illustrate a book
26 Have work featured on cover of another book/publication
27 Host a workshop
28 Write a screenplay and produce a film and have it distributed

Do you have a bucket list? Have you noticed any improvements with age? Are you checking things off, or are your dreams and goals just fading away? I’d love to hear from you. Tell me something you really hope to achieve!

Much Love,


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