#Lifegoals and some housekeeping

I hate Instagram hashtags, so it is with tongue in cheek that I posted this title. I can remember a glimmer of not knowing what a hashtag was. To me, it’s just more of the same bullshit; people trying to monetize their private lives.

I’ve been there, I’ve used some hashtags. Who knows, maybe I’ll go through a phase of hashtagging (god, is that really a verb?) some more to build my following. (Note, I do use tags on this blog, so it might be somewhat hypocritical to write this) I haven’t done the research so for all I know hashtags might be a necessary evil in the process of ‘building a brand’ . — If that’s what you want. —

I’ve periodically opened my Instagram account to the public, and each time its been met with annoyance and disappointment. I’m not getting authentic readers and followers, even without the hashtags. I’m just getting random roboticized (yes, I made that word up just now) comments and thumbs up emojis from people who are trying to do just that – “build their brand.” You know what I do when that happens? I send them a random roboticized snarly comment (i.e “random comment begets random comment”) without even looking at their page (so hopefully they don’t get a hit on SEO?). Am I an asshole for doing this? Maybe, but maybe I feel a little bit better about myself at the end of the day for not pushing myself insincerely on someone else.

I want my readers and followers to know (especially the ones who find me through wordpress) that I don’t make random likes and comments. If I’ve commented, or liked your blog (yes, I’m hoping you’ll in turn find me, and maybe be interested in what I have to say) it hasn’t been roboticized. I individually scroll through my reader and discover channels to find your blog, and take note on a piece of it. (Granted, none of us has THAT much time to read another entire blog, but a blogging relationship isn’t built over night.)

So, with all of that housekeeping aside –

After revisiting the bucket list of 33, I decided I ought to make a new bucket list for 34.

I had pretty much forgotten about the bucket list for 33, because as it turns out I’m actually quite a terrible record keeper. But I DID achieve some of my goals – One of those life goals was traveling to Iceland. Ever since watching Journey to the Center of the Earth as a kid, I had always dreamed of going there.

I made some amazing new friends from other countries, my bond with my friend Michelle has become so much closer, and I’ve stood completely free and naked in one of the most pristine places on earth!

In my birthday suit above Thorsmork,  Iceland (still age 33)


This is me on the day I turned 34, not in my birthday suit. 


Bucket list 34: ( I kept it at 20 potentially achievable goals/directions for this year )

  1. Develop a consistent habit of journaling/blogging.
  2. Go Back to Iceland to volunteer for a longer term and hike the long trail
  3. Go to Spain/Germany and volunteer at language school for 1 week.
  4. Go on extended solo journey for at least 3 months (southeast Asia maybe?)
  5. Work at the State Dept. in DC for the Fall, and build a network
  6. Work in Hawaii (or other NP)
  7. Visit 5 new national parks/rec areas
  8. Get accepted for an Artist in Residency at a National Park
  9. Get at least 600 Followers on my FB photography page
  10. Get into a couple of Art Competitions/Gallery Shows
  11. Make at least 1 drawing/painting/sketch, 1 photo per week, and at least 1 video/podcast per month
  12. Change career title/or get promotion in current line of work
  13. Get my work featured in another magazine
  14. Move somewhere new
  15. Get accepted for the Antarctica program
  16. Purchase a new camera/lens/tripod=
  17. Get 100 followers on each of my blogs
  18. Get an adventure mobile so that I can sleep in it/camp incognito
  19. Go to some National Parks in Canada
  20. Achieve goal weight


This was also taken the morning of my birthday: J25Y34.  (which is like my own version of modern roman numerals for my birthday July 25, 1983)

What are your goals for this year? How do you plan to achieve them? Do you have a bucket list, or do you think they’re silly?

That you are taking even a moment out of your day to read this is very generous, and appreciated.

Much Love,


P.S – If you’re a creeper who saw my featured image (a completely unsexualized, anonymous nude) and decided to read this post hoping there’d be more nude pics – your follow/comments are not desired.




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