After the fall

Last week when I was in Knoxville, I decided to go exploring in an area of town that is less well known.  It's an area known as Mechanicsville. I've visited this neighborhood before after my coworker from UPS had mentioned an abandoned school on a hill. That school is the former Rule High school (or... Continue Reading →

The Arches of Big South Fork and a Haunting in the Hills

This weekend I decided to follow thru on a plan to go camping with my friend Jacie to Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. I'm a terrible planner, but I'm great at throwing out ideas for cool places to go and fun activities to experience,; so having Jacie was truly a godsend. My... Continue Reading →

#Lifegoals and some housekeeping

I hate Instagram hashtags, so it is with tongue in cheek that I posted this title. I can remember a glimmer of not knowing what a hashtag was. To me, it's just more of the same bullshit; people trying to monetize their private lives. I've been there, I've used some hashtags. Who knows, maybe I'll... Continue Reading →

Crossing the Colombian border

I reached out my hand as he slapped me with the mystery plant. My hand seized in pain, as if it had been stung a dozen times. "Eeez gud fora sircular, the blood goes thru when it makes it hot," he questioned, smiling. "I...I... I have many times, thee tourists, thee tourists nooo.... I am... Continue Reading →

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