How to move past self doubt as a travel writer.

  Sometimes we cannot see the forest for all the trees. I'm this way when it comes to travel. In my imagination, traveling to exotic locations, doing great deeds, and having the adventure of a lifetime is the way I should spend my life. So why do I feel that I am not spending my... Continue Reading →

It is not about justice, equality nor altruism that drives people to act; it’s selfishness. The recent events that followed in Charlottesville, and the guy who lives down the lane.

Today, I'll talk about recent events in Charlottesville. We're generally all familiar with some events that happened there about a week or so ago. But the event I'm talking about today is one that happened a few days ago. Specifically, the story I'm addressing is the one about the guy dressed in the confederate uniform... Continue Reading →

What Do You Love More?

I found this today after posting my image on courage. Fits the theme.

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

Not even her best backbend

Before I was a writer, I was an acrobat. Not the kind that flips through the air–the kind who holds up other smaller, younger acrobats who look better in the same spandex costume. A “base.”

I loved it. I loved being the one who makes sure everyone is ready, calls the move, Hup!, then adjusts while the flyer holds still. Stay straight, tight and trusting. Don’t balance yourself, let me balance you.

I loved that I could lift men bigger than me and women in acrobat class who were also bigger than me and had spent years not letting anyone lift them because they felt “too heavy.” That I could grab someone the right size and move them through a basic routine right away, as long as they did exactly what I said. I got really good at giving directions, verbal cues, nudging with…

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Colors of the Wind

Kelly grzasko


I don’t often have a clearly defined plan for my photo shoots, which can make me a difficult photographer to work with.  Generally I am very spontaneous, experimenting and being inspired in the moment. In this event however, I’d planned to use these seeds. I’d been jogging in my neighborhood trying desperately  to come up with a concept  for this shoot with Grace Irwin when I ran through a flutter of seedlings, and my subconscious took hold to show me some inspiration. I ran home to get a bag to pick up all of these seeds, and spent about 20 minutes crouching and crawling on the sidewalk in front of someone else’s house gathering as many as I could. (Pretty sure they thought I was a lunatic.)

What I’ve been reminded of this week is that 90 percent of creativity is showing up to do the work; the other 10 percent…

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Once upon a Machu Picchu (part 1)

Headlamps blinded me like Gestapo flashlights in the rain. The international backpacker crowd of 20 somethings began to shift like liquid cells under a microscope. A murmur of excitement filled the air as the welders worked their magic, bright orange sparks illuminating deadly white rapids beneath the makeshift crossing. ¨Peligroso,¨ marked a hand-painted sign at... Continue Reading →

Crossing the Colombian border

I reached out my hand as he slapped me with the mystery plant. My hand seized in pain, as if it had been stung a dozen times. "Eeez gud fora sircular, the blood goes thru when it makes it hot," he questioned, smiling. "I...I... I have many times, thee tourists, thee tourists nooo.... I am... Continue Reading →

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